Similar to urban areas, rural areas also have numerous business opportunities to explore. Most of rural India contributes to the agricultural sector that further helps in the growth of the nation’s economy. To start businesses in villages, business owners do not need to worry much about strict regulations, detailed paperwork, high-end infrastructure, advanced equipment, etc.

People in villages either contribute to the agricultural industry or majorly are engaged in businesses related to retail, livestock, trading and manufacturing sectors. Small or big business owners in villages are not devoid of opportunities, as they have ample of businesses to start, grow, expand and flourish. In this section, we shall be further discussing some of the leading small business ideas in rural areas.

1. Poultry Farm

Opening a poultry farm business does not require much money nor much land. The only task is the rearing of small chicken for some weeks after which they can be sold off in the market or to the wholesalers. Poultry farms require initial investment; however, returns are not instant. Therefore, it is recommended to start this business on a contractual basis. Poultry farm gives dual earnings of meat, as well as eggs at the same time.

2. Clothing Store

Most of the villages are secluded from larger towns and cities, so if a clothing store opens in a village that provides people with latest clothing apparel and quality fabric, it shall become a success. Business owners will need to find garment suppliers who can bring a variety of clothes based on commission. As villagers do not have much reach to travel to cities frequently; shall buy from the clothing store itself.

3. Diagnostic Centre

Like in urban cities, people living in villages or rural areas are also immune to catch diseases or get ill. Basic healthcare facilities are provided by the government with the help of dispensaries but still there always is a requirement of a specialised diagnostic centre that can provide treatment at local level at lesser fees. Opening a diagnostic centre does not require much investment. Initial investment includes centre’s rent, medicine cost and salary of staff.

4. Door-to-door supply of drinking water

Irrespective of people living in towns or villages, clean drinking water should be available for all. Villages are devoid of this because of lack of infrastructure or water treatment plants. Fresh water from tube wells or hand pumps can be stored in large cans and further can be transported in vehicles to villagers at their doorstep. This convenience shall be charged per jar and can be a successful business idea.

5. Electronics, Mobile and Accessories Store

Technology, communication and entertainment should not lag behind in villages, as majority of India’s populace comes from villages only. Even the thought of opening an electronics store in a small village is a huge success. Almost every villager wants to communicate with their families, so mobiles are a necessity now. Therefore, only the saleable mobiles could be kept in the stock without making much of investment in a good locality.

6. Fertilizers and Seeds Storage Store

Villages consist of farmers and farmers rely on agriculture. To earn their livelihood villagers must ensure that their crops are well irrigated and further sold at good prices. To make things easy for villagers, the business of opening a storage store of fertilizers and seeds can be of much interest. This business does not require much investment, as just the purchase of fertilizers and seeds with a store can make anyone run this business.

7. Fruits and Vegetables Vending Shop

This is the simplest and most common business for anyone and mostly for native villagers living in the same village. People interested can directly go to the wholesale market and purchase fruits and vegetables at lower rates and earn profits by selling it at a comparatively higher price in their village.

8. Grocery/Kirana Store

This business idea is widely explored by almost every segment of society. Every household in every village requires grocery. So, opening a ‘Kirana’ store is one of the simplest businesses in India. Reach out for suppliers of the products that are required to be sold, get a shop of rent and start this business right away.

9. Livestock Farming

Livestock farming means rearing goats, hen, cows in which the cost of business includes the investment in form of animal purchase and feeding them. This type of rural business has provided profits to business owners.

10. Small Scale Manufacturing Units

Small scale manufacturing businesses include various types of products, including disposable paper plates, cups, paper bags and many more. Disposable products in today’s market are in high demand and investment required to open this business is not much. Most of the money is invested in raw materials and related resources.

** Milk Centre

To start a milk centre, an individual needs to have contact with a dairy farm to do business. Milk centres basically collect milk from the villagers and sell it to dairy farms. Milk centres require few equipment to start a business that include weighing machines, billing software, etc. Weighing machines are required to measure the quantity of milk fat and other related products. As rearing of cows and buffalos are common in villages, milk centres in villages can bring good profits.

Businesses in rural areas of India are of great potential, as people just need to be more aware of the options and possibilities required to start a business.