Nowadays there is a lot of competition almost everywhere the prices of goods and services are going up every day. To arrange for resources and live a reasonable life, one ought to work hard and even extra to live a fulfilling life. As a result, there are many people who along with working their job, open a part-time businesses to get into the market without much risk and earn an extra income at the same time.

If you are also looking for part-time business ideas to work on, here are few ideas/opportunities you can think about:

Home Tuitions

There are many homemakers who had to leave their jobs while setting up their households but their knack for teaching and educating students doesn’t go away. If you have a passion for teaching while managing your home, you can start home tuition, be it for a single child or a group.
You can also teach underprivileged children for free. This is a noble part-time venture where you create a space of learning and earn at the same time. It is pretty manageable as parents are not very strict with the timing of the class and based on your area of expertise you can choose any subject. 

Dairy Business

In India, milk is procured either directly from the farm dairy where locals have cattle and they distribute it or you have pasteurized milk and other dairy products that comes in packets from various dairy plants such as Mother-dairy, Amul, Gokul, Katraj, Sanchi, etc. Although the chain of dairy production is long, it is the distributors who make it available to us. You are most likely to go to a nearby dairy kiosk or there is a delivery system that provides you with milk at your doorsteps. To make sure their product reaches the customers, companies have their vast distribution channel. Setting up a dairy business which is a lucrative small-scale business opportunity in India because it is one of the busiest ones we have. You can set up a dairy shop and open it early morning and late evening and manage it with your main job. It is a good part-time business that is practiced by many people in our country. 

Event decoration Business

The beauty of our event matters a lot because without a good background you can never think of getting a good picture.  This is when we need event decoration businesses to make our lives easy. They are the ones responsible to make or break the vibe of your function. The industry has seen huge growth since people have started earning more. With the rise of celebrity culture and their lifestyle, and their themed parties, people have started spending more on even small events and the profit goes into the pockets of the decorators. You can start with a small-scale event decoration business and build its repo with time and turn it into a high-end one and turn this part-time business to a highly profitable full time one. 

Consultancy Business

A consultant’s job is to work with their recruiter to fulfill the goals of the company and perform their roles in the most efficient manner. They are experts in their field be it technical, business, finance, software, creative, etc. The list is long as the requirement of consultants is in every field. Every big, small, or start-up business owner wants their business to be under the guidance of an expert who shall help them excel. As the internet is becoming easily accessible to everyone and moving from one place to another more affordable, a consultant can increase their profit by managing their services to different locations and earning more profit. The consulting business’s popularity is increasing day by day and it is an ideal job for any young careerist as it is manageable with other jobs and pays well for a part-time job.

Aata Chakki business

You must have heard stories from your parents or grandparents about how they used to get their own flour by getting their selected wheat variety grounded in front of them at an aata-chakki shop in your neighborhood and how it was the best quality of Aata present and there is nothing in comparison to that. This business is still famous in many households so it is a good investment in the small-scale industry. You can set it up at home and work other jobs along by keeping a fixed opening time for your customers. You can also have a helper who can work on this while you are away.

Online Teaching and Education Blogging

During a pandemic, students are having a hard time understanding the basic concepts and teachers are losing their jobs due or getting a really low salary. Help those students and earn extra bucks by setting up online coaching for students. Also, this is the time of digital media and even a 5-year-old knows how to run a video on YouTube. If you are interested in having a career in the education sector and have the skills of a blogger. Mix up your interest and talent and create a channel where you make education fun and upload those videos online. Once the pandemic is over, you can continue with this business as this is now the new normal for most of us along with working in your other job and having a striking balance between the two.


If you are skilled in a special field and know that it is good enough to make people pay for it then be it graphic designing, painting, or content writing. Collaborate with people, enjoy doing your hobby, turn that skill into a profession, and make money through this online business. It is the safest way to do business even post a pandemic as you must take precautions or in any condition as you can work in the environment that suits you and all you have to do is follow a deadline and provide your client with quality work. You can work in this business along with a job and it is easy to work on this as a part-time job as you’ll enjoy what you are doing without any pressure.


If you have a thorough knowledge of a subject, be it lifestyle, cooking, DIYs, beauty, skincare, automobiles, gadgets, or even astrophysics, and have flair for writing, you can start with working on blogs and have a bunch of followers who listen to you. Not just it will get you fame, you can also turn this into a business opportunity and can make money through online business by collaborating with different brands and doing their reviews. It is in demand and people listen to the people they trust and brands are ready to spend a load of money on that! This is a great part-time business that comes with a lot of benefits.

Gaming streamer

This sounds so unconventional but if you have a knack for playing high-profile computer games and can afford to sit and stream for long hours, it is sure that you will get a lot of followers. There are not just teenagers and even adults who are ready to pay for good streaming and there are various platforms such as Twitch and Youtube where you can stream and at the same time interact with your followers and subscribers and make money online business along with working in your current job. This is fun with work kind of experience.

Home Decor 

With time and according to comfort, space, and availability of raw material, various changes have taken place in the designs of home décor and for that, today’s world demands people to invest more in the home décor business. Whenever a person buys or builds their home, they are most excited about the interior and decorations. One of the many things that help in the beautification of our house is the home decor. The home decor items are a medium of decoration and beautification of the house. There is a huge range of products that comes under home decors such as furniture, curtains, cushions and covers, sofa covers, bedsheets, showpieces, and even crockery. People are ready to pay any amount to get the best quality and best-looking home decor as a good-looking house with a certain vibe eases the mood and relaxes all the tension. 

Mobile / Responsive App Developer

During the previous years, we as a whole saw many people earning and becoming famous in the realm of mobile applications. AngryBirds, Instagram, Pokemon Go, and numerous others brought their proprietors millions of dollars. If you too have knowledge of coding and have a knack for creating Apps, you can invest your time to create apps that make the lives of people easy. With good marketing, you can earn millions if all the things go right!

We at LocalBuyX wish best luck to everyone who want to start their part time small business to earn an extra income.

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