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With this time of digital transformation of businesses, everything from your daily shopping to cash payments has moved to an online platform which are capable of serving all your needs in very much the same manner as a traditional retail store and even more easier and convenient way. Many businesses have started exploring to look at how to start their new with online presence. And many traditional retail stores in order to stay in tune with the trend of the present days of digital era are looking forward to moving their business online. Now, Local Businesses are slowly moving towards Digital store setup for their businesses and experiencing their business growth.

Here are 3 easy steps to start your online retail business even when you don’t have enough money for your own website.

Step 1: Identify Your Products To Sell Online

Products analysis and identification plays a crucial role for online business, their benefits and long term success of your online business. Basically, your products can be anything that ranges across different categories. You could focus on a single product line or expand into multiple lines depending on your budget and resources but the products should be acceptable by customers online and should be able to give preferences.

Step 2: Setup A Digital store In 1 Minute

Nowadays, there are many online platforms available, including LocalBuyX Digital Store Platform, that makes it easy for you to set up your Digital Store in 1 minute and you can start selling your products online in no time. Because of the availability of such platforms, the process of creating digital stores is much simple.

Step 3: Setup A Digital Catalogue And Start Selling

Once your digital store has been built, you can in no time your product details and start selling online. For better results, LocalBuyX Platform provide the option to setup as Delivery, Self Pickup and In-Store QR code scanning to manage all the orders online with innovative way.

Get into talks with your delivery partners and decide the rates which will be charged and paid by you as a seller for shipping different quantities of products locally or within state. This will help you in enhancing the overall customer experience of shopping with you and increase the sales.


In order to be successful with your online business, it is very important that you take a clear view of the operations that you will be required to handle as a seller to provide the best experience like other successful eCommerce businesses that are running every day and servicing their customers in the most satisfactory manner possible.

To keep more focus on the core business, look similar to LocalBuyX Digital Store Platform which helps to shift business online quickly and avoid the direct maintenance charges for website

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