This Bengaluru startup is developing aerial logistics solutions for first  and last-mile deliveries
RangeAero Team

Conventional tea bags are made of microplastic. With innovation, the Assam-based Upamanyu and Ashuman have introduced biodegradable tea bags out of leaves under their startup ‘Wooláh’.

Innovative Aerial logistics solutions to easily achieve last-mile deliveries!! RangeAero, Bangalore based startup is building unmanned coaxial helicopters with an aim to automate early and mile logistics. These helicopters can lift weight up to 100 kg and can travel 80 km distance.

The aim of RangeAero is to blend the aviation and logistics segment together, and they are targeting early-mile logistics companies and will be charging its customers based on per delivery per kg per km.

LocalBuyX congratulates RangeAero, Mr Arpit Sharma and team and wish them all success.