IIT Professor Designs Low-Cost Solar ‘Jugnu’ Backpack For Kids in Remote Regions!

A solar bag “Jugnu”, developed by Charu Monga at the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati. Jugnu works on solar panels, which are integrated into the bag to store power for an LED light and it can be used for other purpose with USB as well.

Charu Monga says, Jugnu is not just an idea it’s an actual way of living and made by people for people and of people. ‘Jungu’ a low cost solar bag for kids living in the non electrified parts of India. Kids in hilly terrain travel through high altitude areas and experience dangerous roads to get back home in time to complete their homework before sunset. This little one is all excited with ‘Jugnu’. She announced that Jugnu will be releasing shortly

In most hilly regions, kids have to trek to reach their schools. And undoubtedly, have to trek all the way back. By the time they reach home, it’s near darkness.

The bag charges the light, which is fixed on the bag itself, whenever exposed to light. The light then can be used whenever needed.

The bag is specially designed for kids who live in the non-electrified regions such as village and hilly areas. Made using waste material, the bag with the detachable solar-charging LED lamp is foldable and waterproof. The solar-powered backpack functions as a hands free torch. There is a buzzer that rural school children can use in any kind of emergency. Each bag also comes with a unique lab kit, which the children can use to come up with their own inventions. Solar bags are a well-crafted modular design where light can be detached and can be used elsewhere.

LocalBuyX congratulate Charu Monga and wish her all success.