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Know how to get Khandesh Spices at home

Khandesh is a central Indian district in Maharashtra and shares a border with Madhya Pradesh. It has a very rich culinary history as it was first ruled by Rajputs, followed by 4 centuries of rule by the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughals. This was followed by Maratha annexation and finally British Rule. Khandesh since has been divided into 3 districts in Maharashtra state. Jalgaon is one of the district and city in Maharashtra.

Khandesh’s Khada masala is one of the famous spice mix also known as Maharashtra’s garam masala. Khandeshi masala is used to make chicken and mutton curries, shev bhaji, Mirchi Bhaji (Chilli curry), kadhi and many more sauteed vegetables/ dishes. You must be well prepared and carry a small napkin or a boxful of tissues while eating a meal in Jalgaon. The food is so spicy that water flows from every pore of your body, the eyes, nose, forehead and elsewhere. Yes, Khandeshi cuisine is reputedly the hottest cuisine of Maharashtra but its so tasty as well and you really forget the spicey hotness while having it and enjoy each bite of the meal.

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khandesh Speciality Spices

The flavours of this cuisine stem from peanut oil, dry coconut and the extensive use of the small, hot Lavangi chilli. The spicy things are chopped up and added to everything cooked in the area; that and the time-honoured Kaala (Black) Masala.

No Khandeshi meal is complete without an intense Khandeshi Mutton Curry and chicken curry cooked with chillies and Kaala Masala. Exactly like a good Rogan Josh or Korma, the meat dishes, as well as the lentil dishes (Dal Tadka), can be identified by the blazing red oil (tarri) that floats to the top of the vessel after the meat or daal is cooked and gives very yummy taste.

When you go for having a Khandeshi meal and the thali is served, the Khandeshi Mutton Curry and Shev Bhaaji are to be devoured with hot Jowar Bhakri. The Aamti with steamed rice. And the Bharit and Zhunka with all the condiments.

If the Khandeshis like their mutton, they like their eggplant as well. They make a variety of dishes with this soft, nearly meat-like vegetable. Ghotleli Bhaaji is a spicy preparation with mashed brinjal; then there’s the Khandeshi-style Vangyacha Bharit (Baingan ka Bharta, with Khandeshi masalas). Maharashtrians are fond of stuffed brinjals and you will see versions of Bharli Vangi and Vangyacha Bharit in the cuisines of most communities in the state.

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Indian khandesh spices by LocalBuyX

There are many cuisines and dishes which requires the specific masala’s to taste good and we at LocalBuyX with a partnership with Zope Bandhu Masale made it even easier so that our khandesh cuisine lovers can get all the Khandesh Masalas at the comfort of home anytime, anywhere.

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