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blogNow, You Can Make a Digital Business Transformation in Minute. Here’s How.
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Even before the pandemic hit, businesses knew it was time for digital transformation of businesses. But the shift wasn’t a high priority – plans were either nonexistent or slow and steady.

When the pandemic hit, however, employees were forced to jump into remote work immediately, and companies around the world were charged with transforming digitally in record time – whether they were prepared for it or no.

Now, businesses are figuring out how to move their dust-gathering digital transformation strategies into swift action to meet new demands brought about by this pandemic. In doing so, they must carefully think through how they can not only implement effective change now but also sustain the positive impacts of digital transformation for years to come.

By reanalyzing your business needs, setting clear goals, encouraging adaptability, and focusing on simplest data accessibility and availability to customers, you can launch and sustain a quick-moving digital transformation and LocalBuyX makes is possible within few minutes.

One problem is that businesses often spend too much time on the websites and infrastructure. A recent report revealed many businesses spend too much money building the foundation for digital transformations, costing companies upto $2.5 million annually. Even after you implement your digital transformation, it’s not easy to maintain its positive impact long term as the core business focus is different and due to this many industries report a success rate of between 4% and 11% and these businesses experienced long-term improved performance and sustained changes.

Adapting quickly can offer big competitive advantages to your company

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