Last mile transport of biologicals by Blackfrog Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



A Portable temperature-regulated carrier for transport of biologicals.

Blackfrog Tech has developed EMVÓLIO- a patented rapid cooling technology for safe last-mile transport of vaccines, breast-milk, blood-serums, medications & specimens with minimal freeze-thaw cycles. Blackfrog’s flagship product, Emvólio, is a next generation portable, battery-powered refrigeration device that strictly maintains any pre-set temperature up to 12 hours for last-mile transport of vaccines.

The innovation is reducing Covid vaccine wastage in rural areas by 99%. The vaccine carrier can shield temperature-reliant vaccines and other biologicals up to 12 hours, while strictly maintaining temperature between 2°C and 8°C, thereby addressing the cold chain supply challenges pertaining to storage and transport of mRNA based vaccines which require cold storage to retain potency. The portable medical-grade refrigerator is designed based on the WHO PQS E003 specifications and standards with dual-layered stainless steel 304 that prevents corrosion and facilitates effortless sterilization. It has the capacity of 2 litres and accommodates 30-50 vials of vaccine.

Problem Identified:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates 50 percent of vaccines lose their potential before they are administered, very often due to disruption in cold chain supply.

Temperature-sensitive vaccines must be stored between two and eight degrees Celsius, but ice boxes and other portable refrigerant mechanisms do not sustain this optimal temperature for longer periods, especially when transported to remote areas.


The need for efficient logistics, especially for swabs, vaccines and other biological samples, has been heightened amidst the COVID-19 pandemic or during similar situations.

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