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25th April, 2020

Use of Tractor in Farming – GoHelpMate

Tractors have always played an important part in a role in agriculture. The Tractor offers huge advantages as it maximizes the outcome, saves money and resources and most importantly it helps the farmers to work in a more productive way. Nowadays tractors also offer a lot of advantages for not...

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29th February, 2020


Seeds are living organisms and improper handling or storage can greatly reduce their performance. Seminis recommends all seed should be used in two years or less from purchase, but the following information should help ensure maximum shelf life potential. Temperature: High temperatures and humidity may reduce seed vigor and germination....

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25th January, 2020

Maharashtra – Land of Farmers

Maharashtra is the 3rd largest state of India located between 160 N to 220 N latitudes and 72 .80 E longitudes. Arabian Sea guards the western boundary of Maharashtra, while Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are on the northern side. Chhattisgarh covers the eastern boundary of the state. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are on its southern sides. On the basis of geographical features...

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